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The Word Continues To Spread

There’s still a few spots still rolling in, and in particular, an article from the Ozzy side of IGN..I really liked their article on the game, they seem genuinely excited by it.

IGN Australia seem to genuinely like the game…


Destructoid say a few words..I like these guys a lot


Joystiq posted up the story trailer, some good user comments


Nick Kyme, author and editor writes up some slick words for Darksiders:



Darksiders: Meet The Jailer

Gray, the lead character artist on Darksiders recently posted some cool renders of the JAILER character from the game in a Z-Brush forum.

 This chap is one of my favourite creatures, and has Joe Mad written all over it.

The Jailer carries the cage so he can create small, undead creatures that attack you. One cool thing about defeating the Jailer, is that you can grab the cage and use it yourself to create npcs that follow and attack for you!

Anyways, enjoy the renders, they look great and Gray did such a cool job of this guy.