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From Beneath the Cover

Well, it has finally been revealed, new horseman is the Pale Rider; Death. After so long running in stealth mode, the Vigil Games team can now breathe out, and feel ok uttering Death’s name outside of the office. It was also even harder to keep in the fact that we we’re also going to be the cover story of the biggest game’s magazine in the world; Game Informer, and the added sweetner? It is also the issue that’ll be handed out at E3.

Game Informer 2010 "july/E3" Cover

Joe Mad again pulls off an amazing piece of art, incredibly stylized and, we even got the chance to change the GI font/typeface, which was a cool touch. As far as I’m aware, this has only been done a handful of times before. It was also sweet to hear Andrew Reiner (game informer executive editor) say on his twitter “After seeing the game, this was one of the quickest cover decisions Andy and I ever made

So far, this is what has been released:

Game Informer first revealed their July (e3 cover) on Monday here: DARKSIDER II COVER REVEAL

THQ announced Darksiders II coming in 2012!


the GI chaps released the first, official Darksiders II trailer here: Darksiders II Trailer

So, what has been released about the actual game, here’s a summary:

  1. Main character = Death
  2. Death’s horse = Despair
  3. Larger world
  4. More dungeons
  5. More weapon & item upgrades
  6. Loot
Game Informer will also be running a 10 page feature on the game too, and I’ve read it, it’s frikkin’ sweet! I think that is released out to subscribers on Monday (June 6th). I have some pictures from our visit to GI that I may share at some point too. (those guys can party) They have a badass game library that is like a videogames museum up in their offices; it made me all teary eyed.
The day of the cover reveal was great for the Vigil Games team. Everyone had worked incredibly hard to get the demo to the level of quality we wanted; one that we’d be happy to show the outside world (the demo GI saw). There was a great buzz around the office and  friends started to ping their Vigil pals as the news spread across the net.
It’s a great feeling.
Over the next few months there’s going to be a ton more to see too, and a few surprises, so keep your peepers peeled. This is the beginning, of the end << cheesy intended.com

2 New Trailers

Another couple of trailers for you all.

First up, it’s the WORLD IN RUIN:

Second, is an interview myself and some other members of Vigil Games gave to IGN (uk):