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The Watcher

It’s hard not love and hate the Watcher. He’s a snarky, spiteful demon shackled to War’s gauntlet. He’s voiced by none other than Mark Hamil who did an awesome job on him, and he’s based on one of Joe Mad’s awesome concepts. What’s not to like?

The Watcher’s model has now been added to the official Darksiders Site and his concept is now on the Darksiders Community Site….loadsa stuff! I’ll be adding his concept to the Darksiders concept area too.

The Spiteful Watcher Demon

The Spiteful Watcher Demon

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Well Said Mr. Hamill

Asia Animax have posted an interview with Mark Hamill about his role at The Watcher in our game DARKSIDERS. It’s great to see him talk about the game and put on a few voices at the same time: