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Joe & Girl Gamer

Joe Mad is interviewed by Girl Gamer while at the Tokyo Game Shot recently. Below is the video of the interview:


A Snippet of News & MGS 4 Development Article

I’ve got two pretty interesting pieces of news, nothing to do with Darksiders unfortunately.

The first piece is just a simple piece of news about Peter Moore (ex-Microsoft, now EA chap) and his stinging words about the guys at RARE. Apparently, Rare’s time has come and gone, with current users not being interesting in what they have to offer.

I haven’t played anything from Rare in a while. I briefly played Kameo, but didn’t touch Perfect Dark Zero, not because I didn’t want to play it, I just didn’t have the time on its released. Anyhow, go here to read the small snippet of news for yourself here:


The second piece is about the MGS 4 and it’s 3 ½ year development, its 180 man team and some of the things they did to bring MGS4’s visuals to life. Its staggering to know that it all really started with the original trailer, that’s all it was, a promotional animated sequence, and then they built upon that…sounds kinda crazy, but it worked.

They even mention how they used GATOR to use Snake’s animations on Altair (Assassin’s Creed):

Assassin's Solid

Assassin's Solid

Anyways, it’s really a piece promoting the 3D modeling software they used; SOFTIMAGE | XSI, but it’s worth a read if you’re interested in this sort of thing: