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Intro Trailer

The nice chaps at Inside Gamer: Machinima have posted a world exclusive trailer of the intro from DARKSIDERS. It gives a good look into the back story before the game starts and is made up with nothing but Joe Mad silos!

Check it:


Word Exclusive Darksiders Review

WOW! what a good way to start off the month of December (even before it starts!). PLAY MAGAZINE (december issue) has the worlds first review of Darksiders, and you can go and buy the magazine right now!!

Insider there’s a 12 page review + interview for Darksiders. The official score is not printed within the magazine, but it got 10/10. Not only that, but Joe Mad did a unique cover for it, then our very own PIO painted it, and it looks great…see below!

Remember, the December issue has 2 COVERS, one with MX Reflex, the other with Darksiders…..so hold out for the Joe cover.

Anywhow…phew, that’s the first review out of the way and its a great one. The PLAY reviewer was 31 hours in the game and hadn’t found everything. He also describes the game in great detail…you need to read the review.

PICK IT UP…and then the game too in JANUARY!

Plus, I also heard that Best Buy and other outlets may be doing the 7″ War figurine when you buy the game here in the US. YEY!