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Darksiders E3 2009 Articles

Last week, was of course, E3 2009. The LA Convention Center was once again open to huge crowd of game developers, journalists, publishers, peripheral manufacturers etc. etc.

I’ll be posting more personal details later, but for now, here’s some previews and videos to check out:


Gamespot  – Live E3 Stage Demo (Joe & I) 27mins long!


Game Trailers – 1stBoss Walkerthrough

Game Trailers – Joe Mad Interview

Game Trailers – Demon Slaying

Game Trailers –  Ashlands Battle Arena Walkthrough

G4 Joe Mad Interview

Electric Playground (david adams interview)

Links to Hands On:


Joystiq Journo “Mike Schramm” marks us as his BEST OF E3





Electronic Theatre


Giant Bomb

Gaming Excellence




Gaming Vortex


Cheat Code Central (small mention)

Crave – top 15 original Ip’s of E3

Game Axis

GamePro Germany (5 page preview translated)


360 Junkies

A DARKSIDERS usb flashdrive?



You Want To See Behind The Scenes At E3?

I’m going to try and make this happen…

It seems I WILL be going to E3 this year, spending most of my time in one of the press areas at the THQ/Darksiders stand.

I want to do something a little different, something to celebrate Darksiders E3; its final E3 before it’s released. So, I’ve got an idea to do a “behind the scenes” movie that I will shoot, edit and post on here. I’ll speak with members of the team, get footage behind THQ’s booth and of the general calamity that E3 usually is. Don’t be expecting any quality camera work or anything though, this is just gonna be pretty raw…but I think it’ll be fun and the other lads on the team will go with it…I think. It’s just gonna take some extra effort, a camera and some time with in front of the pc editing it.

I want to get honest reactions from the 4 people who started Vigil Games, the ones that started with the idea, got the deal with THQ and who now see their efforts up there as a contending title. It’ll be an exciting and truly huge moment in the company’s history…it’s our first title, and we’ve gone through a lot to get here.

Anyways, that’s my idea, hopefully people will roll with it, and we’ll get something a little honest and fun. I’m sure there are a couple of people out there who’d be interesting in watching something along these lines, plus it’ll give me something to save as a memento of this one-off moment in time.

I’ll keep you posted.