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Joystiq Hands On

Ok, so the internet site that came for a hands-on was Joystiq. Today they posted their reflections of their hands on time with the game, so, without delay, go and check out their thoughts here, along with some new screenshots and concept art:


A little later than Tuesday I know…but the man was busy!


Game Pages Updated


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but finally, I’m starting to do it: adding images to the game pages.

I’ve started digging out screenshots, concepts and may even add some of the quick “game-play images” I use to get over ideas to programmers and artists. Most the pages now have at least a couple of images, but the ones with the most content are X2: Wolverine’s Revenge & Star Trek: Invasion; two titles that myself, and my good friend/art director Tarlochan Randhawa  worked on together.

The images will show you the concepts we gave to model builders and animators, so they basically didn’t have to think of anything, just build what you see.

I’m sure people wanting to get into games, or just general artist will be interested in seeing some of these images.

Please don’t forget, these aren’t finished pieces of marketing art, they are production pieces which are vastly more important.

Anyway, here’s some examples from the wolverine & star trek pages: