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The Chaoseater Replica Sword

Ausgamer are running a competition to win a replica CHAOSEATER sword. The Chaoseater is War’s primary weapon in Darksiders. You can tell it apart from other weapons due to the tortured faces clawed into it’s blade. Originally, we wanted these faces to animate, depending on how much damage War was doing, but, unfortunatley, we didn’t have time to incorporate the feature.

Anyhow, the replica swords are approximately 4Ft tall and are pretty damned awesome. I’ll have one soon enough, but if you want one too, go to the competition page here:


Also, below you can see the sword in all of it’s heavenly glory…like a finger pointing to the sky:


Deviant Art “Your Last Days” Competition

I keep checking out the entries for the DeviantArt competition based on Darksiders’ “Your Last Days” Concept and there just so many great pieces of work, weird, wonderful, tragic and funny are all represented here.

I just spent 10-15mins skipping through a few and decided to post a few of them here.  To see them all, get over to the DeviantArt Darksiders area!