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Uh! I hope this is good.

Darksiders was part of an Asia Pacific event a few weeks ago, and this, apparently was spawned from it.

I have no idea what this chap is saying, but he seems excited!

oh, and another video from the Asia Pacific event..


The Darksiders Rise In The East!

Recently THQ held an ASIA PACIFIC event for Darksiders in Hong Kong. The event was deemed a success and got me even more excited at the game’s presence both here in the US, Europe and into the gaming realms of the EAST.

Darksiders is to be published in Japan by one of my favourite publishers of all time; Konami, that alone is extremely exciting to me. If you missed the press release, Konami put one out here: Konami Partners with THQ to Distribute “Darksiders” In Japan.

We’re doing a full Kenji version of the game and just seeing and hearing it in Japanese has me giddy. I can’t wait for the time (which isn’t far away) when I can hold the Japanese version of Darksiders in my hands, which, by the way has (or did have) a sub-heading on its title: DARKSIDERS: Day of Reckoning.

Anyhow, back to the press event, the chaps over at Neonpunch & Xbox Life have articles on the game. Below are a couple of pics from them:



On a sidenote, I found this from TGS 2009, I hope what they’re saying is good!