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Going live in the next day or so is the new official community site for DARKSIDERS. On the site you’ll get to see some exclusive Joe Mad artwork (which is pretty cool), plus plenty of other unique content.

This site will be a place where anyone who likes Darskiders can chat and share their ideas and comments. Plus, real soon, myself and other team members will be trawling the site to reply to peoples comments and generally noodle around the place.

So anyways, enough waffle, here’s the place to go, and yes, its the original Darksiders url, but it will soon redirect to the new community spot:


Keep checking it for further updates.

On other news, I’ll be flying out to San Diego to hook up with Joe and other Vigil Games members to attend comic-con. There’s a big press event nearby specifically for Darksiders, so that should be interesting. The geek in me can’t wait for comic-con, I’ve never been to one, but always fancied checking it out; new comics, movies, models, artwork books, geeky motif t-shirts…all that quirky cool gear.

More about comic-con soon…


Gamespot E3 Hands On Preview

Gamespot has posted up its hands-on impressions of Darksiders, plus there’s some new screenshots on there too: