Collectors Edition: Poll Results

First off, thank you for all the people who took the time to vote on the things they’d like to see within a Collector’s Edition of Darksiders II. The results shouldn’t surprise fans of the game, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

Here are the top 5 results based on number of votes:

  1. Death’s Mask – 90 
  2. Artbook – 89
  3. Character Model – 65
  4. Graphic Novel – 28
  5. Tin/Unique Box – 24

Not many votes were taken in for the region free version (5) but, I’m guessing that’s because most of the people voting, weren’t in places that have much trouble getting games early.

The interview with Han will be along soon, and while you wait, here’s something I did in San Francisco a few weeks ago with Got Game:

THQ outlined the release of Darksiders II for June 2012, which seems to have caused a little bit of a stir. I like the idea of the game releasing at a time when kids are out of school and, there aren’t any other titles releasing. We’ll certainly get a clear idea if people really want a sequel to the first game, or not.


Quick Flash Update

I hope you liked the spotlight interview with Ben Cureton last week, as I’ll be posting a new one sometime next week. This time, it’s with Han Randhawa, the Art Director on Darksiders II and, a very close friend of mine.

If any of you have any questions for Han, please leave them in the comments. I’ll choose a few at random (if I haven’t already asked the question) and pass them over to him in the next day or so.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest screenshots released for Darksiders II: