Star Trek: Invasion

Position: Lead Designer / Producer

Format(s): Sony Playsation (psx)

Developer: Warthog Plc.

Publisher: Activision

All the concepts you see below were done by my very good friend Tarlochan “han” Randhawa.

Here are all the CG movies from the game:

Also, a nice tidbit, somebody has it kinda running on an i-phone:


13 Responses to “Star Trek: Invasion”

  1. Hi Haydn, i don’t have to much time for this but, do you have more images of this game? ships, the 3D models… Because i working in a Star Trek Fan 3D Animation proyect, based in the Valkyries and the Typhoon, etc. If you have some time fon send mi images in a more better resolution, i… i don’t know, i made a ship whit your name lol.

    My name is Alejandro and I’m Argentine… sorry for my so so English!

    and THANKS!!!

    • Hi Aletodis,

      Yes I think I may have some other Valkyrie concepts, and possibly a screenshot of a wireframe version of it too. If I find it, I’ll insert it into this post soon.


      • Great art, awesome game! 🙂

        You mentioned you might have some other Valkyrie concepts lying around; you wouldn’t happen to have the Valkyrie “Orcus” and “Gryphon” concept sheets by any chance would you?

        I’ve been looking for those for years but have never been able to find them.

        Thanks muchly,

  2. Hey Jade,

    I’ve updated the gallery, now with added Scarab, Orcus and Gryphon ships.


  3. Hi Haydn. Some weeks ago i recieved all the 3d models (of the game, not the cg animations). If you have more information, i bring you some renders.

  4. Hi Aletodis, it would really help with my 3D work if I could actually view the real models in an editor like 3D Studio Max; could I ask where you were able to get the models for the game, and if I could download them from somewhere? 🙂

    Thanks muchly,


  5. No man, i crush my ass searching in the net. I talk, much years ago, whit Chris Grahan (or something). In that days he working in the assimilation softwares (assimsoft, i believe it’s a extinted enterprise) And he send me some aplications (programing and plugins for milkshape) AND TWO WEEKS AGO I CAN OPEN THE MODELS, but whit bad results whit the texture coordinates.

    But some of the principal ships are OK.

    I don’t have time now, and the models on the hand, but in a few days i’m going to load on internet the web of my proyect based on the ST Invasion, and there are going to be ready the downloadable files.

    IS TO MUCH WORK FOR ME AND MY TEAM, But if you can help us, and you can use the 3D softwares, and if you are iterested… welcome to the proyect, and i can bring you the files before.

  6. HO! and sorry for my very poor english, i’m out of practice, and i’m Argentine.

  7. Hi Haydn 🙂 Sorry I haven’t replied for awhile; I had to go in for eye surgery recently and have been recovering.

    Just wanted to thank you again for uploading the Valkyrie concepts and the multiplayer ones, I’d been looking for those for a long time.

    I was wondering if you had any other ST-Invasion concepts anywhere, I’d love to see what goes into making a game like this since I’m currently a college student studying a degree on games art/animation. Plus I’m a Trek fan so it’s an added bonus for me 😛

    Thanks very much again 🙂


  8. Haydn, i can send you a lot of images of this game… but i can’t find your email addres!

  9. I send you the images, Do you have it?

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