Motobike Madness

Position: Artist  (HUD only)

Format(s): Commodore 64

Developer: Binary Design

Publisher: Mastertronic


5 Responses to “Motobike Madness”

  1. Who else worked on this game?

  2. Hi Andreas,

    unfortunately, I don’t know who else worked on the game as most of the work on the C64 version was done out of house. I created the HUD with the motorbike on it during my time in the Picture Element of Binary Design.

  3. Hi Erik casey here, I was was working freelance as an artist when binary design ask me to create all of the original graphics for motorbike madness …. I did these on an amstrad 6128 this included all visual elements including the loading screen …. Other version ie spectrum Atari commador were based on these and converted by other artists, however the HUD designs were changed for the different computers as confirmed by Haydn above …..

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