Game Creation Resources

Hope to add programming links soon, and more design related links.

Here’s another list which is much more comprehensive than I could hope to compile:

List of useful resources for budding (and experienced) game designers & game creators:

3D Modelling Packages & Resources

  • Sketchup -Free.  Google’s awesomely simple, fast and easy to use modeling software.
  • 3Ds Max – Expensive, but it’s becoming an industry standard.
  • Maya – Expensive and was once THE modeling package to have. Now autodesk (3dsmax) has bought them.
  • Blender -Free. Open source 3d modeling software.
  • ZBrush – Expensive. Many studios and high-end sculptors use this software.
  • Mudbox – Expensive. Many claim its one of the easiest sculpting and painting packages out there though.
  • Silo – Cheap. Fast organic modeler.
  • Topogun – modeler. Great software for bringing in hi-res models and making them low-res for use in games.
  • XNormals – free. Used for burning normal maps, clean and fast.
  • Body Paint – Expensive. Model painting package.
  • 3D Coat – Cheap. Model painting package.
  • UVLayout – Cheap. Fast for creating UV’s for your models.
  • Unfold3D – Expensive. Fastest UV’ing software.
  • Ghost Town – 3DSMax 2011 Plugin for auto-generating small or largescale cities.

Game Making Software

  • CryEngine3 – Crytek’s powerful toolset used to create Crysis 2 is now free download and use. You only pay if you go commercial!
  • Unity – Free. Powerful, plenty of options and can be exported to all sorts of different platforms [some incur charges]
  • Game Maker -Free. Lots of useful tools, even in the free edition. Upgrade to the pro version for $25!!
  • Cocos2d – Free. Strictly for the iPhone, but free with a few titles already released using it.
  • Unreal – Free. Dive in with the big-boys. Lots of dev studios use Unreal, so having experience with it a plus. Fee’s only incur when you go to market and sell X amount of units.

2D Graphic Tools

  • Photoshop -Expensive, but if you want to get into art, most game studios use this software.
  • Painter – Cost. Great for the “real fee” artistry of painting. The classic package.
  • Illustrator -Expensive, but used a lot through many industries, including games.
  • Art Rage – Cheap. Painting package which is also available on the iPad (if you have one)
  • Sketchbook Pro – Cheap. Simplified painting/sketching program. Good drawing tools.
  • Inkling Wacom – $199. A new way to take sketches and make them digital. Create new layers, share and export to line art. Looks awesome.

Character Modelers & Resources

Artists need a place to thrive, learn and share their talents. Below are few, highly regarded places for you artistically creative peeps to go. Go forth, learn and prosper!

Concept Art

I’m a sucker for cool art, and you should be too. The amount of work and design that goes into these media is amazing. Below I share some places, companies and people doing cool stuff:

Documentation & Charts

  • Evernote – Awesome note taking software which uses cl0ud technology. It’s really catching on.
  • GoogleDocs -Free, flexible and easy to share with friends & colleges. Do flowcharts, presentations, forms and a whole host of other documentation types.
  • Microsoft Office – Cost. Most developers do use office for a variety of documentation practices.
  • Visio – Expensive. Really easy to create flowcharts and other forms of information planning.
  • Gliffy – Cheap. Web-based flowchart software. Easy to use, share and master. 30 Days Free & only $5 per-single seat.
  • MindjetPro – Cost. Good software for chartering ideas and how they develop; brain maps!
  • Confluence – Free ($10 charity donation + self-server) This is a great, easy wiki system. You have to pay over a certain amount of users, but good for collaboration. We use this at Vigil Games.


Blogging / Self-Promotion

Blogging sites/software are great ways to promote yourself, your team and your products. You can all collaborate with blogs, twitters, images, videos and whatever you want and a lot are free. If I was starting out in the games industry now, getting a site up and running would be high on the list of things to do. GET A PRESENCE!

  • WordPress – Free. It’s what I use for this site. Simple, powerful and really well supported. How can you go wrong?
  • CarbonMade – Free. Easy way to create professional, slick looking portfolios for a huge range of industries.
  • TypePad – Cost. Not used it personally, but a lot of journalists use it and state it has great collaborative tools/uses.
  • Blogger – Free. google’s widely used blogging software. Lots of concept artist use this.
  • Wix – Free. create your own flash-based website. Great for photography and other  “visual” sectors.
  • Square Space – Expensive. You can also build an entire site with very little experience. Used by a lot of great sites.

Useful Game Related Sites

  • Gamasutra – news, jobs, articles and more.
  • Gameindustry.Biz – news, jobs, articles and more.
  • Moby Games – find info about game developers and what they’ve worked on
  • Game Rankings – not sure about a game, see what the net and others think of it.
  • Metracritic – not sure about a game, see what the net and others think of it.
  • Gamer DNA – see what’s trending, what gamers are saying about what they’re playing and more.
  • Raptr – another way to see and share what’s being played.

Script Writing

For those who like to inspire via creative writing:

  • Celtx – FREE. Great piece of software that will format most document types into true script format. PLUS, it will track assets; items, characters, locations etc. great for easily tracking what content is in a script.
  • Final Draft – Expensive. More of a film industry/script writing standard.

Bits & Bobs

I found this old page which had a big list of potential useful links, try it out.

Another page just for 3d modeling packages too.


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  1. Sweet resources! The only one I use on this page so far is Final Draft and you’re not kidding about it being expensive! Updating my portfolio before I head out to GDC and this will help me get started. Thanks! 🙂

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