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Round Up Time

Darksiders II has pretty much wrapped up, and it feels so damn good to say those words.

So, what has happened in our world since my last post, other than a lot of blood, sweat and tears to finish the game? Well, The Last Sermon trailer went out, as did the CGI “Death Strikes” parts one and two. Recently, the fine chap Tobuscos (toby turner) created a literal trailer for DS2, too. Check it out below:

If you haven’t seen the behind the scenes interview with James Cosmo, you should watch it. James also plays a character in the game, and he did a great job. He’s such a character and he has played some awesome ones in movies too.

Ari Marmell has created the first novel based within the Darksiders universe, it’s called “The Abomination Vault“. I’ll be reading it soon, either starting tomorrow, or during my trip next week…speaking of….

Next week, myself and Han Randhawa (art director) are making a trip to the UK for some PR work. Our first stop is in Dublin, then onto Manchester for the MCMEXPO (manchester comic con) and finally, we have some time in Woking.

The San Diego Comic Con has been doing amazing numbers, and showing some damn cool gear (wish I was there). Han and Joe Mad were both there, where they were doing a talk about how Vigil translated Joe’s work, and made game them into a game. As soon as the video of the talk is available, I’ll post it in here.

Gamespot have an interview with Joe Mad and you get a great view into the TriForge village from the game, where Death interacts with a few NPCs. To see the footage, go here.

IGN has released a video detailed one of the realms within the Darksiders 2 world; The Kingdom of the Dead.

Dark Horse are working on a Darkisders digital comic book called “Death’s Door”, the first of series is available here for Android and iPhone.

Mike Loh showed off his sculpting skills with a wearable, Death Mask. Great stuff, and can be found here.

Marquitech created an amazing PAPERCRAFT War, from the original Darksiders. It really is impressive:

THQ have released an iPhone/iPad Darksiders II app, called “Soul Harvest”. In it, you reap souls based on GPS and earn rewards that unlock; wallpapers, game guides etc. plus chances to win prizes, such as a Death Scythe, trip for two and much more.

Project Triforce have been working hard on the Darksiders II Death Statue. It’s close to completion, and should be available for purchase soon.

Death on your desk.

As well as all this, I’ve managed to play some games:

  • Max Payne 3
  • Trails Evolution
  • Syndicate (just started)
  • Rage (just started)
  • The Walking Dead

At some point, I also plan to play these:

  • Dragon’s Dogma
  • Anarchy Reigns
  • The Witcher 2
  • Saints Row 3
  • Spec Ops: The Line

I also watched Prometheus, which I enjoyed. I don’t think it was amazing, but it was a solid sci-fi movie. I wish there was more time to go into some of the films characters, as some of them seemed rushed.

I took the kids to watch Brave, and it’s was great. It had a very predictable story, but it had it’s own charm and was one of Pixar’s funniest movies. All my kids enjoyed it, it was a big win. As was The Avengers, which is one of my favourtie adaptions from comic-books to-date.


God Speed!

Recent proceedings at Vigil & Relic have been well documented, and things such as this are never easy. Both companies have lost some serious talent, talent that others will benefit from.

So, in an attempt to aid those needing to find a new place, I thought I’d compile what I’ve found out there, from recruiters to people directly at companies.

Most of the information below was gathered from (awesome site for artists), the rest was from linkedin & twitter.

I’m going to add to this page, as anything new comes up. Good luck everyone.

>> Vigil Games Work Fair <<

Vigil Games is planning a work fair in Austin for those affected, hopefully this will help you meet with people face to face.

When is it?

Thursday, April 5, 2012 – 10:00am – 2:00pm

Where is it?

River Place Country Club : 4207 River Place Blvd. Austin, Texas 78730

Link to the event: Vigil Games Work Fair




Person Company Email / Link / Twitter Name
Michelle Gallego Activision @gallego115
Lucy Philips Datascope
Christina Nichols Vicarious Visions
Sharon Allen
Andy Cheren Digital Artist Management
Michael Maxfield EA
Michelle Rawicz EA
Michael Nichols THQ
Aaran Pate Timegate
Elena-Veronica Popescu Ubisoft
Karl Teasdale Ubisoft
Heather Holmes Ubisoft @hholmes79
Andrew Wilson Ubisoft @h1lson
Louise Selfe Gravity
Lindsey Raye Big Huge Games / 38 Studios




This is some of the direct people who’ve put their names forward as potential leads to new things:


Person Company Email / Link / Twitter Name
Adam Bromell Ubisoft
Bradley Kachel Ubisoft
Lenny Grossi Blizzard
Robert Bowling Ex-Infinity Ward @fourzerotwo
Si Donbavand Evolution Studios
Brandon Boldenow Backflip Studios
Howard Tang Sony Santa Monica
Jonathan Hawkings Sony Santa Monica




Company Link
Riot Games
High Moon Studios     Andrew Zaferakis
Sony Santa Monica
343 Industries
Ready at Dawn
SpaceTime Studios
Timegate Studios
Spark Unlimited
Naughty Dog
Guerrilla Games
Creative Assembly
Sucker Punch
5th Cell
Junction Point
Crystal Dynamics
Respawn Entertainment