Death’s Veil Removed

Darksiders II – Preview Event

Last week, myself and a couple of Vigil Games devs had the pleasure to do a presentation of Darksisders II to a large chunk of North American press. The event happened in San Francisco, and over 100 people attended the showing.

I had a great time speaking with a lot of journos who were big fans of the first game, which, in itself, is damn cool but, to be able to finally show, play and talk about the sequel with those people was great. It’s about time the team’s hard work is shown off to the public and press.

I was the person playing the game for the audience, and, as with anything done live, nerves were tingling; one slip up in front of these people would be a total embarrassment. Luckily, it all went off as smooth as it could’ve.

Very soon you’ll all be able to see and hear what they had to say about it (hopefully, all good!).


The day before the event, a new dev diary was released onto the net. This video revolves around the character of Death. Within the diary, you’ll catch a look at a few of the various environments that are within the game.


I’ve been asked many times about if we’re doing a Collector’s Edition, or not. Well, I can’t mention anything about that possibility currently but, I would like to know what you’d like to see from one, if, we were to do such a version.

Select any THREE items from the below list. If you have additional ideas, please leave comments within this post. THANKS!

I do a lot of scouring message boards and game sites to read people’s reaction to and and all materials released on the game I’m working on. So far, the response has been been incredibly positive to Darksiders II.

A ton of other stuff is coming down the pipe too, so remember to check back occasionally.

I’m still waiting on the final replies to my interview questions, and I hope to be able to post the thing up in the next day, or so. The person I’m quizzing is the main Combat Designer on Darksiders II; Ben Cureton. Keep ’em peeled!


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4 Responses to “Death’s Veil Removed”

  1. I would like a Lanyard that would be made like the Halo Wars one

  2. Hi Haydn,

    congrats for the game, i’m a big fan of the first and Darksiders II looks amazing. I would really LOVE to see a deep Making of of the game 🙂



  3. Artbook, Death’s Mask & Signed Materials seem to be the current ones out in front.

    Interesting that nobody wants a REGION free version. This may be due to most of the readers of this blog don’t come from a country where the game will be delayed, or maybe not even go on sale 😐

  4. The artbook is essential for me. I bought the first one and loved it. The only things that didn’t seem to be appealing to me were the region free, numbered version or the tin. By character model does that mean a figure?

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