Spotlight Interview

Quick Update

It seems that combat design is the thing people visiting this place are most interested in (at least the ones that vote), that, and art direction came in a close second. So, I have my candidate, and their questions will be going out to them today. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll have the first spotlight interview posted. Depending on how well the Combat Design interview goes, I’ll continue and do an Art Direction one, and so on.

The interviews will be light and casual, there may be attempts (and probable failures) at humour, but we’ll have to see.

That’s it, I have to make this update brief as I have this game to finish. Tally-Ho!


About Haydn Dalton

Creative Lead 30 Years Developing Games

2 Responses to “Spotlight Interview”

  1. Yay! Can’t wait! Oh – and Haydn, if you have any kickass female designers there, I’d love to interview them for GirlGamer’s Women in Gaming spotlight.

    • There’s no female designers on Ds2, but I’ll inquire about ones on the 40kMMO. I only remember interviewing one lady for Ds2, but she wasn’t right. So few resumes came in when we were hiring. Tell your girls to get their skates on! 😉

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