Moving the Spotlight

In trying to keep this blog more active, I’m going to pull in some external resources. They don’t know it yet, but I’m going to interview people from the Darksiders II team, anyone too, from the leads, to the interns.  I’ll post up their work (if applicable and I’m allowed) along with Twitter accounts, personal website links etc.

It’s humbling to work with such a talented bunch of people, that I want to put the spotlight them and show you what I see on a daily basis. They deserve for the public to see and know more about them, you’ll learn something new and, maybe be inspired a little…who knows.

This may die out quickly, depending on how much interest there is and, of course, my time doesn’t completely implode (which it might).

So, my first question for you all in 2012 is, Who would you like to hear from first? Concept Art, Animation, Programming, Level Design, Art Direction, Production, doesn’t matter. It’s wide open.

There’s a poll below, just add your votes and I’ll grab a person that best suites what you want to hear about.You can also leave a comment if you like.

This is not a complete list (or it would get out of control):


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One Response to “Moving the Spotlight”

  1. Han Randhawa! Joe Mad! Or anyone heavily involved in the concept department.

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