Darksiders II: Two Information Polls

Darksiders II was revealed last week, so were some of its “tweaks” from the first game. I’m interested in hearing what people out there thought about the additions, and, where they may have wanted the game to expand.

Below are the two polls:

  • Which area of the game are you most interested to hear more about? [3 choices]
  • What would you have liked to have seen announced? [2 choices]
Thanks in advance for voting.

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14 Responses to “Darksiders II: Two Information Polls”

  1. I really don’t have anything else that I wanted added to the game, I like what you have to be honest… 🙂

  2. Very interesting in hearing what the story and abilities given to Death are going to be. As far as additions, I’m a sucker for co-op in games so I put that but I think you guys did an awesome job on Darksiders and think you’ll do an awesome job on the second so just keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll be awesome.

  3. I found myself wanting to vote for everything. Excluding Kept with war. (while I feel like I will probably like war more then death) I’m fine with playing with someone new. The other I wouldn’t vote for is Less RPG elements. While I don’t think it should go crazy with the RPG elements I think you guys struck a good balance in the first. The only thing I think should have been on these lists are a Collectors edition and some action figures. Not sure how long Sota has the rights for but there is no way I can afford to drop $250 for the statue and some smaller scales would be nice.

  4. Yo Haydn! Can’t wait! I flipped out when I randomly ran into the teaser on Gametrailers. That was so evil of you to tease us last week.

    See ya around the old haunt, lol.

    • hehe, well, I’m glad you liked it. I’m looking forward to the new Darksiders website. I’m hoping they give me a sneak peak before it goes live.

      See you around!

  5. Very excited about Darksiders 2. The first was my favourite game of 2010 (and that was a great year for games). It had the perfect blend of action, adventure and puzzles.

    My only serious complaint revolved around the triviality of the vast majority of combat encounters. I think I died maybe once or twice in combat (throughout the entire game) and having subsequently watched other’s playthroughs on youtube it occured to me that I rarely used the magic, almost never used the chaos form and I don’t recall ever using a consumable. The reason being that the game never forced me to. Had I done so the game would have been far easier than it already was (which was very easy).

    By comparison, the game I played immediately after Darksiders was Dante’s Inferno. What that game did better was set the level of challenge. On each tier of Hell I’d be getting my butt kicked on at least 2-3 fights, forcing me to learn the nuances of the game’s combat mechanics, it made every new magic spell vital for survival, the choice of upgrades was crucially important. Each new enemy type was another dirty git you had to learn how to defeat…as Michael Moorcock once told me “Almost everything worth doing is very hard”.

    By contrast, with Darksiders you basically could never lose a regular fight. You almost never had to block, never had to counter, didn’t have to dodge, because War could just spam stun/juggle even the tougher enemies or crowds of enemies.

    Typically you might say, well play on a higher difficulty, but Apocalyptic really didn’t feel tougher at all. Plus by that stage I had beaten the game so if anything it was even easier.

    You might also say, well not all gamers are equally skilled, but I think Normal should be relatively challenging for a typical gamer (such as myself). Measured against its peers such as God of War, Dante’s Inferno, Bayonetta, Devil May Cry and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Darksiders combat was ridiculously easy.

    Its a testament to the game that even with such easy combat the design of the enemies, the weapons, the stages and story keep you engaged as much as they do.

    So best wishes for the sequel. I hope it kicks butt in more ways than one. 😉

  6. Joe Mad is my Favorite Comic artist and Darksiders is my favorite game,i wish see more Combat and less puzzle or Semi Rts elements in II,keep it up,i’m hunger for this game:)

  7. I think the biggest problem you guys will have with this game is trying to improve upon the first Darksiders. Easily my favorite game ever. Good luck, Haydn.

  8. More RPG elements! Don’t have to go insane and turn it into a stats and inventory and loot managing game, but the ability to customize my fighting style more by selecting skills/spell trees and such would be awesome. If more of these things affected combat rather than having to memorize and buy combos, that would be a great thing in my mind.

  9. Hello again Haydn,

    I think I have solved the problem with Darksiders 1 combat often feeling far too inconsequential.

    I studied the number of enemy types with unblockable/untrumpable (by War) attacks in the game and it works out at roughly 33%. That in itself is not the problem though, which is that these second tier enemies (for want of another name) only show up in about 10% of the games combat encounters.

    Which means we have a game comprising approx. 5% Boss battles, 10% second tier enemy battles and 85% of the combat against really weak enemies War’s attacks simply trump.

    I have compared that with Dante’s Inferno and in that game about 80% of the enemy types are what you would classify as second tier and these enemies show up in about 50% or more of combat encounters.

    So my hopes for Darksiders 2 would be that there are a higher percentage of second tier enemies and that these same enemies feature in a FAR higher percentage of combat encounters.

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