Darksiders II: Hype Summary

Well, the hypeometer is well and truly in fully affect. Last week saw the reveal of the main character, his horse, a trailer and some in-game screenshots. The reaction of the press has been great, stupendous even, and to top all that, the public’s response has been an overwhelming flow of excitement and positivity.

Believe me when I say we at Vigil DO read forums, comments and all that crap when it comes to the actual public feedback. It’s incredibly important to hear the thoughts of the people who will actually buy the game, loved the first one and, even those haters who reel off a ton of stuff they DON’T like about Darksiders. It’s all opinion, all useful (within reason) and it helps us build a better idea of who’s playing, and how they played the original.

Game Informer

These guys just keep knocking this info out. Friday saw them release some exculsive in-game screen shots. Go and check them out here.

Darksiders II: Extended Reveal Trailer

Via the official Facebook Darksiders page, you can access the extended reveal trailer. I love this version; just a little extra spice and shots of some of the cool elements not seen in the original trailer. Go on there, press “Like” button and join the cause people!

Penny Arcade

The folks at Penny Arcade did us justice, with a short cartoon showing how we can all get, “more death“. The dual weilding of skeletons is fucking great. I fully endorse this awesomeness, much in the same realm as Peter Griffin’s “human slippers”. Classy.


Can’t help but spend time checking out the Darksiders related posts there. The Gaf lot are hard critics, and why shouldn’t they be. Live or die in that place, and wouldn’t want it any other way.


I love this site, a very simple way to visually gauge net activity. Last week we we’re at 55.5, now we’re sat in the 70’s. Not a bad jump seeing that we’re not showing at E3. I’ll be keeping an eye on how this raises when more details of the game emerge.

Darksiders YouTube Channel

Darksiders also has an official YouTube channel, why not stop by and subscribe.

Vigil Games

You can always check out the official Vigil Games website too.


I set out to E3 on Monday, and I can’t wait to gauge the response to the Game Informer issue on the “shop floor”. I’ll attempt to update things on here, or via twitter.

See you on the other side.


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