Back to Work & Magnetic Balls

After my week or so off work, I returned back to Vigil Games on Friday. It was a hectic day, but nothing compared to what I put up with at home! It was nice to see all the progression that had been happening in Darksiders 2, it’s really gathering a head of steam now. Even though I’d attempted to keep up with emails at home, it’s never the same without actually playing the game, and seeing that VPN connection was busted, that’s all I had at my disposal.

In other news, The Pickford Brothers over at Zee 3 released a trailer for their iPod/ipad game: Magnetic Billiards. It’s a great game that combines trick shot billiards and combo’s; perfect for the touchscreen devices. I took part in the Beta for the PC version of the game and can thoroughly recommend it. I’ll be buying it the day of it’s release, you should give it a shot too.

John and Ste have created this game off their own backs, even producing the trailer themselves. You may remember the brothers from such classic games as Feud, Glider Rider, Plok, Wetrix, Aqua Aqua and many, many more.

Check out the trailer for Magnetic Billiards below:

More Dead Space 2 for me this weekend, even though I finished it last week. Going back to the game via the New Game + feature really pushed me intp experiencing a few of the earlier parts again, but being better equipped made them even more fun. Plus, it gave me a chance to experiment with some of the weapons I didn’t use at all the first time around.

I also put in another hour or so in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. The game has some clunky controls, and it’s still in very heavy “tutorial” mode, so its still slow going. Some of the tasks I’ve been asked to do have been tedious, but the game has a certain charm that I like. The 2d animated cutscene are very stylised, which I like, plus the power and docile side-kick has a lot of character.

The game does a few interesting things too which I may write about in a later post.


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