Huge Walking Mines

Star Trek: Invasion 2 “Project Oblivion”

Project Oblivion was the codename we were using for the sequel to Star Trek: Invasion (psx) but, this time around it was going to be on Playstation 2. Again, the development duties would’ve been with the fine chaps of Warthog Plc.

The ideas fell along the lines you’d expect with a next-gen project sequel; harness the new technology, have platform specific features and generally, up the ante of the previous game in every single way.

Walking Rigs

Huge Walking Rigs Surface-Side

Some of the new features were:

  • 4 player co-op (human, cardassian, Klingon & romulan)
  • — If you played solo, the 3 other pilots would be controlled like wingmen
  • Each race had different storylines when playing story mode
  • Linear “ground & aquatic” based missions
  • Set-sequence “hyperdrive” mission sections; imagine panzer dragoon on crack
  • Voice-activated controls (multiple actions triggered with a singular voice command)
  • In-cockpit view (camera option); included the player model animating and reacting to the action
  • Huge galactic battles happening around the player; CoD in space!!
  • Collectible ship upgrades
  • Configurable weapon system
  • Online Achievements & Databanks
  • Morphing ships

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The 4 Player Races of Oblivion

The things that I was most excited about was the 4-player co-op and the idea of true, big space battles that felt REAL and intense.  I was also in love with the idea of doing linear land-based sections with branching paths, allowing players to fly above or below the clouds, or even go underwater (the ship’s would morph, closing up vents etc. when entering different atmospheres) .

Going online and sharing the experience was a true first for me, and the thought scared and excited us. The ability to talk with your wingmen, plot tactics and charter your friends skills; awesome. Of course, this is all common place now and can be took for granted. Ah, wishful days!

Unfortunately the project wasn’t meant to be, Activision didn’t pick up the title and I went on to setup my own company, creating the X2: Wolverine’s Revenge title with them.

The concepts here were all early works put together for our GDD/Game Pitch. They were drawn by my good friend Han Randhawa.


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  1. Hi Haydn!. I really don’t know nothing about this project! i read just the old rumors… and now i see this!. I send you a friend request on facebook, please accept me and tale a look on the Star Trek Invasion fan project!.
    Best Regards!


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