Sucker Punching Players

I really need to pick up the pace on Dead Space 2, even though I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I have a backlog of games waiting to be played and, there’s a stack more coming down the pipe. I finally popped in disc 2 last night and had a small fly around a major Zero G area. I must say, I like the Zero G gameplay/controls in the smaller areas, but my initial feel on the larger ZG zones left me cold. I’m hoping when I return to it, this section won’t feel so prolonged and dragged out.

And with that point….one thing that gripes me about games in general, is when a title throws a curve ball at you and expects you to hit it out the park because you’ve been hitting the straight ones. What I mean by this is, when a game has a section/area/level based around “none-core” mechanics and tunes it based on the skill level of the player based on the primary mechanics, it causes major frustration.

Let’s take a couple of points on this subject; Enslaved, inserted some “set-sequence” hover board moments that must be performed nigh-on perfectly. Really, you’re fucking serious about this? The main game is a 3rd person action adventure with a bit of set traversal and you punch me in the balls with an infuriatingly tuned sequence based on things I barely ever use? The amount of times I had to re-do those sequences was just so friggin’ annoying. 15 re-do’s at a point where I’d been tearing through the levels beforehand? I teetered on the edge of rage quit a few times.

Another title that did the same was Halo, yes HALO! I love the original Halo dearly, what a great FPS and overall package it was, but, the final Warthog sequence? Why? WHY?  And not only that, you did it again with Halo III (maybe even did it in 2 memory stinks). I just don’t understand it.

Other games do it too, but c’mon, if you’re going to break up the core content, let me enjoy it and have fun with it before I return to the meat-n-potatoes.

Do you really want people quitting on something that ISN’T THE CORE GAME?

Anyways, sorry, this is not a rant, sometimes I tend to wonder when I’m thinking about such things, plus, all games have some degree of difficulty spike problems…TIAMAT, hello!?!?  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and hold your hands up and say “we know….we fucked up”.

We did a few none-core moments on Darksiders, but we always aired heavily towards the side of caution, because we were very aware that these things weren’t what the game was about. We don’t know if the person playing loves on-rail shooters or gun sequences…but most people embrace a change of pace, be it in their personal or digital life.


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One Response to “Sucker Punching Players”

  1. Ahhh, the stack of “games I should play.” Tim Schafer calls that the “pile of shame” and boy, is mine getting tall. The good thing about people sending me lame games to review lately is that it’s a good excuse to “take a break” and play other games that sit unopened, waiting for me. *cough*Borderlands*cough*…although those 3 pesky achievements are still waiting for me in Darksiders so…I might just take Ruin for a spin instead, ha ha.

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