Dead Space 2 & Webcam Upgrade

I'm playing this!

Playing Dead Space 2 for the first time last night was a good experience. The game felt just like I remembered it, and it sounded even better. The sound design in the game is so slick. The character foley, ambient and UI sounds etc. gel so well together. With a game based so heavily around “tension”, sound is an incredibly powerful tool, which the Visceral guys wield with skill, class and quality.

One of the things I must mention, is the execution of the “player training”. It’s paced well, fits perfectly with the environment/context plus it’s just plain fun. The only questionable choice within the “training” so far, was when I was forced to use the STASIS feature for the first time; you have to shoot an on-rushing creature, then, use it to get passed a broken door. I would’ve preferred to do the stasis training the other way around. Allowing the player to fail without Death is important; it’s only a minor gripe through.

GUI was a large strong point in Ds1, and this one merely refines the cool “3d interface” system they used on the first game. Again, it feels like context is a big part of the way this team works. I like it!

I’m at around 1hr 30mins on my save file I think, so still plenty of game to play yet.

WebCam Update


In other news, and not nearly as exciting, I picked up a new webcam today, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. Full 1080p recording + 10 megapixel photos!  It was going cheap in Costco, and I’ve been looking to update my old one and….wow, what a huge difference to video chatting this has made. It makes me wonder if I should attempt a video blog. Mind you, I don’t want scare any young kids or confuse the older one’s with my ramblings…I’ll need to think further on that one.


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