SOTA Darksiders Model

This is still an on-going project for the chaps at SOTA and I’ve still to see a finished model. Tomorrow, I will make it one of my “things to follow up” on. The statue was approved back in September 2010 and since then, lights have been added to the hooves and Ruin’s head; they’re not keeping the head fully lit btw, just in case there’s a few people out thinking WTF like I was 🙂

Here’s the SOTA page that they’re updating with information (albeit very slowly):

The release date on the site is MARCH 15th 2011, so just over a month from now, this lil 14″ baby will be available to buy. You KNOW I’ll be getting in line to get one….that’s if the kind folks at Vigil Games don’t get me one of course…*cough* make it so damnit *cough*.

Anyhow, if I manage to get one of these badass statue’s any time soon, I’ll make sure to get pictures put up.


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6 Responses to “SOTA Darksiders Model”

  1. New lamp for my office? Hellz to the yeah.

  2. Any word on how much this is going to set me back?

  3. I kinda had a feeling it was going to be around there. February and march are just some expensive months for me this year hope I can pull it out haha. I hope you just get a free one either way! Thanks man!

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