Great PDF iPad App

I was recently reading through the latest Darksiders 2 script on my iPad and thought it would be great if I could write my thoughts directly into the document (amongst other things), so I started to try a few of the document readers I already had.

Google Reader is sweet if you want something simple for viewing files, but I needed something that I could highlight passages, leave notes/comments, organize my bookmarks/comments and, be able to quickly share the files with dropbox; syncing with my folders at work.

After doing a little research, I found iAnnotate first impressions; WOW! It’s super flexible, has tons of features and allows me to do everything I wanted and a damn lot more. You can draw straight into the document so, adding a signature or drawing around a specific area of an image is easy work. EVERYTHING is saved into the PDF and can be open and viewed all other viewers. I also like how you can link comments, email and add images easily.

The app is not cheap, it’s $9.99 but, if you’re going to use this on a regular basis, I’d certainly recommend it. Get it here from the iTunes store: iAnnotate

I still need to investigate the software further, but so far I’m very impressed; I know it’s going to allow me a lot of power, flexibility and choices when dealing with any PDF documents in the future…which I know I will be getting 🙂

Now, back to this KICKASS SCRIPT!!!


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