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I’m having a short break from work next week, leaving me with around 10 days at home with the majority of the family (wife is going back to England for a visit). Most of my time will be taken up with school runs, reading, play time and fun time with the kids but, I’m also going to attempt to start kick-starting this blog again.

It’ll be my thoughts on parts of game design or things I’ve seen on the interwebs recently.

…and with that, I saw this video being shared on the official X360 forums and then sent it to some friends at Vigil Games; Hitler getting FANGRY about Darksiders 2 being delayed until 2012.

..oh, and details of the BALLS OF STEEL edition of Duke Nuke Em Forever have been released:



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2 Responses to “Blog Kickstart”

  1. OMG I literally LOL’d. This is hilarious on its own, but even more so if you’ve played the game over and over again like I have. I feel his pain, but I’m still super stoked ’cause one of the Horsemen is a chick, woo hoo! And I can’t wait to meet their steeds, you know my love affair with Ruin *drooool* FUCK My Little Ponies!

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