It’s Been A While

Howdy all well, if there’s anyone left out there who visits this place.

I just thought I’d sum up what I’ve been  up to over the last few months. First, the most of obvious element of my life right now is Darksiders II. I do believe that people will be talking about this game a lot once we start to release details about it, some time next year I’m expecting. It’s already looking and feeling damn good.

That’s the great thing about working on a sequel, you have a base; something you can start to hang new ideas onto. Even though it’s a sequel though, I’d like to think that the public will expect something a lot more than a re-dressed version of Darksiders from Vigil Games? …..and it’s exactly what you’ll be getting 🙂

Games I’ve played and completed in the last 4 or so months:

  • Limbo
  • Lara Croft & The Guardian Light
  • Demon Souls
  • Assassin’s Creed II
  • Mass Effect II
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Bayonetta
  • Heavy Rain
  • Unchartered 2

Games I’m current playing, or returning to:

I managed to get to E3 this year, and it was a real mixed bag for me. Some of the games I was really looking forward were a bit of a let down. The Last Guardian, the one true title I wanted to play more than anything wasn’t even available to play ANYWHERE!!! I managed to corner an old friend of mine who worked for Sony and he told me that it was only being shown to execs behind closed doors. BLX!!!!

I loved the feel and slickness of VANQUISH, the Platinum chaps seem to have another badass game on their hands. The knee “power sliding” and shooting is f’in great fun. It was already extremely polished and solid.

I attended a design council at the THQ HQ up in Agoura Hills, it was good experience. Meeting and talking with the design directors and leads designers from other THQ was useful and incredibly interesting to be a part of. It’s always interest to compare and share about points the design discipline.

Darksiders also had it’s first fully endorsed/licensed t-shirt released, you can pick up a cool blood spattered Ruin symbol tee here for $20:

Joe mad did a one-off cover for the “hardback” collection of Battlechasers:

We also put out an “Art of Darksiders” book, which I’ve posted a few pics of here:

Talking of pics, here’s me with a big-ass CHAOSEATER replica sword…I had to put a few people straight at work:

Demon Souls was a bit of chore to finish, but it has some genius elements in there. I don’t want to go into the bits that I really liked, as not to ruin it for anyone about to, or currently playing it.

Limbo & LC Guardian of Light have been two absolute must-plays for me. I had a lot of fun for very different reasons, and I like it that way. Both tightly designed and executed titles.

I’ve got more to share, but I’m getting tired…up early again tomorrow.



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One Response to “It’s Been A While”

  1. Can’t wait for Darksiders 2. Its terribly presumptuous of me but just want to throw out some ideas for the story:

    Would be interesting if the other Horsemen were initially pissed off at War for the events of DS1 because they don’t yet know the full story, the explanation would give the game a chance to fill in new players and make the other riders bad guys if only till War explained.

    Since the Horsemen are there to bring balance we need some imbalance, it would be a nice plot twist if they went round knocking off Heaven only to find out they were tricked into fighting the weak side instead of the strong side and have inadvertently made the balance worse. Then they get to kill the other side too 🙂

    Anyway, just a few thoughts and I know it will be great whatever you guys come up with.

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