Sounds Better

The internet is great place, without it I would’ve taken forever trying to find a half-decent audio setup for my home. I love good sound, but I don’t consider myself a prosumer or anything like that, I just want crisp and meaty sounds!

I did some searching around the internet, looking for some of a certain price and a got a short list of things that had an overall “great” level of user and pro-reviews. Once I had this info, I grabbed a couple of the sound chaps at Vigil, and got their take. Obviously, you can quite easily spent $30k plus on a sound system, but I’d rather buy tons of other cooler stuff with that sort of dough.

First I wanted a decent AV receiver that would handle all my inputs via HDMI..check, a receiver that has decent power….check. A trusted name in audio and not too pricey..check. It was close call between  a Denon, and a Pioneer one….as I’d owner electronics from both companies before. At the end of the day, the Pioneer one edged it, and its won several awards for being “best in class”.

Next up I was looking for speakers, again, nothing too expensive, I have a lot of kids, and they like to wreck things…A LOT! I don’t have a separate media room, so what I have, is fair game to the youngest of 18months old!

Again, the internet gave me an endless list of potential buys, and again I found lists that and ratings that kept mentioning a set at a decent price. A 7.1 set by Onkyo.

So, here’s setup I opted for, the AV Receiver is the Pioneer  VSX-1019AH-K (as seen below). Wiring it all up in the wee hours of this morning wasn’t much fun, but I finally finished up with it at 2:30am. I’m still putting it, and the speakers through their paces.

The speakers; Onkyo’s SKS-HT540 7.1 set (as seen below) have been put in place, but not all of them. Due to my room and other restrictions, I only set up the L/R Speakers, the central one and the Subwoofer. Also, as the room drastically restricts where I can put my speakers, the L/R ones are really BEHIND  and very close to my TV..not good at all.

I’ve watched a couple of movies so far and I’m kind of underwhelmed. I’m not sure if my expectations where just way too high, or, that my room and speaker placement is just so crappy. There are a lot of factors that may be affecting my enjoyment of good sound.

I’ve come a long way in the last few weeks. Even though I do love technology and I’ve been a fan of sound and great picture, I’d just lost track of it at home, because I had all of what I needed at work…and I spent more time there than anywhere during the development of Darksiders. Until recently, I had a 38” 480p tube TV and nothing else, so  count myself very, very lucky.

Now, the next step is something the internet can’t help me out with…getting one of the sound guys from Vigil to come and see where I’ve f’ed things up!


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