Aahhh….the morning after

Darksiders was released in the US yesterday and now it’s the morning after. If I smoked, I’d have been through 5 or 10 packets in the last 24hrs!!! I’ve had real trouble sleeping in the last couple of days, it’s been a mix of anxiety and excitement surrounding the game’s release. More than anything, I’ve been massivley addicted to checking out as many review/preview sites as humanly possible, including checking my phone while in bed…yes, I know…it’s sad.

So what’s my thoughts about Darksiders initial feedback from gamers and reviewers? It’s FUCKING AWESOME!!!  Just trawling the forums, boards  and comments in all these places gives me a very good overall view that the people who’ve bought and played the game, love it. Hell, they even defend the game against those who attempt to drag it down…that, in itself is great.

For those of you who may not have seen it, get over to NEOGAF and their official thread…I’ve been checking there since its inception and you can read the comments go from doubt, to excitement, to pleasure once they’ve bought and played the game.

Reading the forums etc. is fantastic and informational. The opinions are formed from people who (usually) have no agenda, and more importantly, they’re the end user…they forked out their hard earned  $60 to play something you made……so it’s the purest form of feedback for a developer to take in. It’s no different to a focus group test, other than people are in their own living rooms rather than a controlled environment so their comments are more candid, and in most cases, honest.

Anyways, as you may tell, I’m excited and happy with how the game is being recieved and, it’s great fuel for whatever we do next.

I’m going to take down the DARKSIDERS review area as we have just too many of them now, and it’s huge….but yesterday while waiting for some of big sites to post their reviews, I found this one from a member of the general public. It’s honest and he’s excitable, Mr AcidSnake87…it made me laugh and smile that this person loved the game so much and just wanted to let people know, asap, what he thought of it.

Check it out, you’ll love it too:


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2 Responses to “Aahhh….the morning after”

  1. Man, I can help you about the opinions in Spain forums ( I supose yo’re ill to read any comment but not worldwide). Sorry for my english.
    In Spain, the game release in December 30 ( I don’t know why…). The same day of Bayonnetta. Everybody talks about Bayonnetta and, sincerelly, no many people knows about Darksiders ( I’m a comic artist and a Big Joe Mad fan, and I follow it since the first day). But, surprisingly, the people who buy it starts to explain how wonderful is, and many people starts to buy it. Somebody tells that is a God of War in a Zelda style, but with his own personallity. Others tells that is mor like Soul Reaver… Yeah, a bit negative opinions about the textures 😉 Whatever, the feedback with the game is extremely positive. But, sincerelly, I don’t know how many copies are you selling in our country. I hope a lot.
    For me, is an excellent game! Good Job, Vigil!

  2. Ferran,

    thank you very much for relaying this information. I know we had a great review from Hobby Consolas(?) who gave us a 9/10!!

    Glad you liked the game.

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