The Voice Talent of Darksiders

I’ve seen many posts and previews mentioning how much they liked the voice acting in Darksiders. To help spread a little more light on this subject, I’ve listed all the main actors we used, plus, hyperlinked their 1mdb profiles, because these guys deserve a lot of credit for turning our models in to great characters!

Read up and enjoy!

War Liam O’Brien (Dragon Age, Tekken 6, Naruto (gaara – tv series), Afro Samurai and many more)

Watcher Mark Hamill (luke skywalker!!!!, the original star wars trilogy, slipstream, guyver, joker (batman: animated series & arkham asylum), full throttle, wing commander, jay & silent bob strike back and many, many more!)

VulgrimPhil Lamarr (voice of Samurai Jack, mad tv, star wars: the clone wars (tv series), family guy, futurama and many more)

UrielMoon Bloodgood (movies; terminator salvation, pathfinder. TV Series;  daybreak, burn notice, journeyman and more)

Samael Vernon Wells (movies; mad max 2, weird science, commando, innerspace, fortress and many more)

Abaddon, Staga & Tormented GateTroy Baker (cod: modern warfare 2, final fantasy xiii, resistance 2, aeon flux, bleach, one piece, metroid prime 3, guilty gear 2 and more)

Silitha & Tiamat –  Lani Minella (diablo, duke nukem 3d, baldurs gate, unreal, starcraft, half life, warcraft iii, timeshift, soul calibur iii + iv, borderlands, torchlight and many more)

This is getting long, so I’m going to wrap up quick:

Thats all I got right now, hopefully you’ll find some of this interesting. We wanted to bring some great vo actors, and I think we did just that.


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3 Responses to “The Voice Talent of Darksiders”

  1. Phil Lamarr has voiced Vamp in Metal Gear Solid games.

  2. Who was Ulthane? Have to know.

  3. I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think it was JB Blanc:

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