Playr DARKSIDERS Review 9.5 !!

Hi all,

well, soon enough a big wave of Darksiders reviews will come washing down on us all, but for now, here’s one more. This time in the guise of playr (a uk TV Show) video review of the game, along with looks at some other action games.

Their verdict: 9.5 (1/2 point removed because there’s no multiplayer!):


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4 Responses to “Playr DARKSIDERS Review 9.5 !!”

  1. Hey Hadyn. I’ve been lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of a review copy of Darksiders: Wrath of War, and I fuckin’ love it. My review isn’t live yet but all your praise is well-deserved and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I pray it’s a chick with a whip 😉 Don’t ask why, it’s just my thing, you know.

    I also wanted to link to a piece of artwork I produced for a competition to win one of those gigantic replica swords for the Australian Kotaku website —

    It took a little bit of time but I’m happy with the result. I would have entered it into the DeviantArt competition but I only realised that was running after the competition had already closed. Given, the sheer amount of talent in DA pool is overwhelming, I wouldn’t have stood a chance!

    Thanks for producing such a fantastic game, and I can’t wait for the sequel(s)(?)!

    (Also, I’ve scoured the entire Goddamn map and I can’t seem to find the last piece of Abyssal armour, the last Legendary enhancement and the final two pieces of wrath fragment. And what the hell is with the British skeleton? I’ve whipped his ass four times already and I’d love to smack him down again, if not just to find out WHY HE KEEPS POPPING UP!)

  2. Hey Daniel, Chick’s with Whips, what’s not to like?

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Darksiders, it sounds like you’ve scoured a lot of it seeing that you’ve seen and defeated the four Wicked Killingtons in the game (british skeletons). They’re kind of an internal joke at work, nobody else has mentioned them yet as they require some backtracking rather than serpent hole travel 🙂 How many hours have you put into it?

    I just checked out your Kotaku Au entry, it looks pretty sweet, must’ve took you some time to do it? Good luck with your entry, as the replica Chaoseater is fuckin’ awesome…god knows how some people will survive in our offices next year…skirmish attacks were bad enough with general kitchen utensils, food and loose furniture, this thing will up the ante!!!

    Also, thanks for the kind words on your blog. To know that somebody loved the game as much as we did in making it is great praise indeed. It really was a labour of love for us all.

  3. Thanks for the reply 🙂 I dropped about 17 hours into it but I’m a God of War / Devil May Cry / Legacy of Kain veteran so it was pretty much a straight trip from beginning to end. I kept a good mental note of where the items I couldn’t reach were and made a point of backtracking through them. I also located all of the Artifacts, which was a bit of a pain. It was a bitch finding the under the crypt in the grove. Was looking at the map and noticed the center crypt was a slightly lighter colour, walked up and I pulled it. Voila!

    Ahh, so the skeletons DO have a name. Pretty rad one at that. Glad there are only four, though. Was beginning to think that I’d missed one and he had the last piece of Abyssal armour! If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the joke? 😛

    Yeah, giant swords won’t go down too well with the HR department, I’m sure. I had some issues with Nerf guns in my old office…

    Making the comic page took me a little while. The hardest thing was coming up with a concept. I started brainstorming jokes and puns but settled on constructing a mock opening page to a comic introducing the story / tone. The hardest thing was writing it but with Liam O’Brien’s voice in my head the words seemed to flow. I’m studying graphic design so I figured it’d be good practice with InDesign and Photoshop — I’m just glad so many pieces of amazing artwork were made available online for me to pillage 😛

    Honestly, Darksiders feels like a labour of love. Playing it, I never felt like corners were cut (though I understand there’s probably plenty you weren’t able to accomplish this time through). Everything felt like it was in the right place. Hell the only thing that I want are more sword combos and maybe a more forgiving combo counter (I made it to 93 hits but can’t seem to get any higher) 😛

    From hints that are dropping, it seems like you’ve got some more work to come so I hope the love flows freely! In the mean time, I’m attempting a speed run through on Apocalyptic. I’ll let you know how long it takes 😉

    You deserve your moment in the sun!

  4. Thanks for that Daniel. It’s a shame you didn’t find all the armour pieces as you when you restart a new game, you start with the Abyssum Armor equipped…and it’s BADASS!!

    As for Wicked K!, it all came from our love for Family Guy’s BUZZ KILLINGTON, but in this case, it was a character who would pop-up and kill the atmosphere of the game by being so utterly out of place. Originally we wanted him sitting at a table sipping tea or something stupid like that…so players where like “What the fuck? is this all’s off its head?” We had to change the name due to legal issues, so in the brady guide you’ll see the name Wicked K!

    Let’s hope this sun last a little longer and I don’t get burnt 😉

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