Couple of things from the Darksiders universe

During my rummaging around the interwebs today, I found some leaked footage of War retrieving the TREMOR GAUNTLET (see video below, but it is SPOILERIFIC if you want to enjoy things yourself for the first time). The video also shows footage of War using creatures as weapons, by riding them into his enemies.

Next up, Inside Gamer/Machinma have posted an exclusive trailer of Darksiders’ intro movie. It features nothing but JOE MAD original silos…class!

Yesterday I took a quick trip up to the Vigil offices, only to be bestowed with Darksiders goodies! First was my copy of PLAY MAGAZINE (darksiders cover + review), next up was the Gamestop exclusive Comic/Art Book (which was much better than I’d anticipated) and last, but not least, a 7″ War figurine! It felt like Christmas had truly come early.

I’ve posted some pics of said items below. I know, the images aren’t great, but I don’t want to give too much away anyway. PRE-ORDER the game peeps!

A couple of new previews:

Game Vortex:

Atomic Gamer:

And an interview I did with Game Abyss:


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2 Responses to “Couple of things from the Darksiders universe”

  1. I live in Spain and I hope this comic/Artbook will release in my country. But, sincerelly, I’m a bit disapointed with this type of Art Book. You have Joe Madureira, Paul Richards… One of the most exciting group of designers and you can only release this type of Artbook? I think a Hardcover like many others Videogame Artbooks ( with thousands of images) will be better. And many people think like me. But this is better than nothing. Whatever, I’m really excited with the Game. Good Luck!

  2. Hey Ferran,

    it’s actually not up to the development team if there are artbooks or not (usually). If it was up to us, we’d have special editions, models, replica swords, mega artbooks and everything DARKSIDERS if we could.

    I agree with you, a hardcover artbook would be cool 😦


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