Darksiders News Update

There’s been a little throb of activity today with Darksiders, so I thought I’d get them all together to make it easier for you to check it all out.

First off, from my birth place BLIGHTY…or better known to you as England, we have a Gamespot UK piece that also includes a pretty long interview with Joe Mad; new footage in there too. Plus, the 3rd HELL BOOK: The Hordes of Hell has also sneaked its way into this piece AND, some of their thoughts after spending a few hours with the game….. So,what are you waiting for? this should be your first stop:


HELL BOOK 3: Hordes of  Hell

Next up, the official Darksiders Community Site got a rather large upgrade today. Members of their forums can now earn points for completing quests, earn badges and much more. Jump over there to check it out:


Again, its our mates the Aussies and a great “FIRST HOUR OF” preview on Darksiders. You can find the first part of the preview here:  http://bit.ly/4ZxvuZ

Then, the second part here:    http://bit.ly/6xj5IU

Finally, I  site that I do love to visit a lot; Games Radar has also done a preview based on a few hours with the game. Not as flattering as the others above, but again, they’re only a couple of hours in…maybe they’ll warm up to it later..with some time…like a good wine 🙂


C&VG’s Preview after a few hours with the game:


OXCGN’s Preview after a few hours with the game:


Videogamer.com Preview


Eurogamer FINAL Hands On Preview before they Review:


Phew, that’s it for now, I’m sure there’ll be more in the coming weeks up to the games release.

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