The End is Nigh!

The End really is nigh…in fact, I can see the meteor splitting the clouds from here! At last, we’re almost ready to let our baby go into the wilderness. We’ve done all we can do in the time we have, and soon the game will go into submission.

Many of the previews we’ve done lately have gone down great with the press and internet alike. It’s hard to believe that some areas of the media are already playing and reviewing the game ready for its January 5th release.

We have a few more video features that will be dropping over the next month or so, and they’re great fun, especially the one featuring Joe and his artwork…good fun!

Next week sees a member of the UK press at our offices at Vigil. I’m sure they’ll have fun here.

Last week we went to see our new offices, they’re nearly finished now….paralleling closely with us finishing the game. What an end to the year, we complete the game, thanksgiving and then Christmas. When we return from Christmas break, the game will have been released, a wrap party, we’ll be moved into the new offices and starting on our next project. 2010 is going to be a great year for Vigil Games.


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One Response to “The End is Nigh!”

  1. Good Luck with the transfer to the new offices. Even though I am away from gaming I try to keep up with all these showings your doing with this game. So keep it up.

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