Darksiders Graphic Novel

If you were wondering where the nice coloured image of War & Trauma has come from, then wonder no more.

Pre-Order at Gamestop to receive the “GUIDE TO THE UNDERWORLD”, which features:

  • Graphic Novel – Prequel based upon Joe Madureira’s epic vision of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Concept Art – Exclusive in-depth look at the creation of the epic Darksiders.
  • Exclusive Fold Out Poster – Original concept art created by Joe Madureira.
  • Weapons Feature – Master the weapons of Darksiders with this exclusive guide
  • The Harvester – Code to unlock GameStop exclusive in-game weapon

For more information on this, go here: Darksiders Pre-Order

Also, here’s a sneak peak at one of the pages from the graphic novel:

If you’re wondering, no, the work you see above is NOT Joe’s. He only created the cover for it.



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6 Responses to “Darksiders Graphic Novel”

  1. Consider me sold. I hate giving Gamestop any business but I’ll do it for this.

  2. This is from Madureira? It seems his style but he tells that he will only do the cover…

  3. Awesome! Joe mentioned this when I met him at Big Apple Con in New York. He said that he did not draw the interior art for the graphic novel, though this page does look very much like his work. Any clarification on this?

    Either way, I am pumped for this pre-order item/items, awesomeness!!

  4. It looks like it’s not possible to get this book anymore on gamestop’s website. Will it be possible to get it anywhere else?

    • Hi Scott,

      to be honest I’m not sure. I think Gamespot only did a limited run for the pre-orders, so there’s a high chance you’ll not be able to get one unless you can find a local Gamespot that may have a couple spare.

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