Random Communiqué

I’ve learnt a lot during the development of Darksiders, mainly due to the incredible amount of different elements we combine in the game. This has forced me to be more acute to multifaceted level design, simple yet complex combat, creature encounters, game structure and a whole host of other segments of game design. Also, sharing ideas with people from drastically different development backgrounds has been enlightening and fun.

Working with people that are really into playing games makes a big difference, especially at the top of the food chain. It’s all too easy to be within a company whose only goal is to complete, rather than compete.  The attitude at the top manifests downwards, like the parents of a large family.

Many things have been learnt and reinforced during the development of Darksiders, making us stronger for whatever we do next. As with most studios, usually your second or third game is where you shine, this is because you’ve grown and developed as a team, refining you’re production and creative processes. Saying that, I believe Vigil is coming out strong with Darksiders, and we’ve gathered some great talent together for the ride forward.

We’re now in the final stretch, there’s going to be a lot of hours spent refining and fixing for the final product. Crunch time for any game tests ones mettle, but it also helps define you within the team. I don’t think I’ll get chance to write much at all in the passing couple of months, so I’m just spewing things as they come into my head, with no logical ending while I have a few minutes break at home.

Fatherly duties now call me away from the PC again, so it’s time for me to go underground once more…see you all on the other side between quick links and minor updates.


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3 Responses to “Random Communiqué”

  1. This random Communiqué I find it rather worrying to be honest,so you guys are saying that this first game will not be one of the best out there but rather a second or third game is where all will be about?

    I feel sad now =(

  2. Hey Darth,

    that is definitely NOT what I’m saying. It’s a fact that if you keep the same team, you get stronger as you progress together. Of course Darksiders is going to be awesome, but I’m sure that if we do a second one, that’ll we’ll make strides in all new directions too. It’s common sense right? Look at Resident Evil 2, God of War 2, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2, Unchartered 2 etc. etc. the second iteration with the same team is almost guaranteed to be more refined.

    Don’t feel sad, feel excited!

  3. Oh Thats what you meant =) well I can be sure now if you guys stick togheter you will defenitly make awesome games I feel no doubt about that,thanks for the response all I want its to Darksiders be really awesome and I know it will with all the gameplay vids Ive seen it will take for something really bad happens to make the game be bad,that will not happen Im sure.

    Thanks for taking the time and make a response to this little fan =)

    Darksiders FTW!!

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