Darksiders Hero Trailer: Xbox Live DLC

The Darksiders CGI “Hero” Trailer is now available as Xbox Live DLC. So now you can relax in your comfy big seat with the family and enjoy a nice relaxing apocalyptic horseman tearing the crap of demons and a big worm.

Please do enjoy! Darksiders Xbox Live DLC

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About Haydn Dalton

Videogame Designer

2 Responses to “Darksiders Hero Trailer: Xbox Live DLC”

  1. Hello HDN,

    Hey you know if theres going to be some gamerpics and maybe a theme there in the marketplace?

    I would pay some to have them =)

    Thanks the trailer is awesome and now I can watch it in my Plasma 😄

  2. Hey Darth,

    it’s something we’ve been discussing recently. I’d imagine we will be doing some, but right now we’re concentrating on finishing the game. I want to see them myself! 🙂

    – H

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