More Darksiders @ Comic Con 2009

Well its the last day of Comic Con and I believe Darksiders came off very well this year. Last year was a little more low-key, but still managed a decent reaction from the public and press alike.

I love the statue that THQ had made for the show, speaking of which, it’ll probably end up adorning the foyer of our new building come the end of the year. We already have 2 of the play-pods from E3, so we should have a nice small haul of trinkets to decorate the new place.

Talking of cool stuff, the chaps at Vigil have been given the chance to order replica Chaoseaters! Can’t wait to hang one of those beauties on my wall, or put it at the side of my bed in case of any unwanted guests…either way, I’ll put it to good use.

The Darksiders model competition was also a nice idea for Comic Con…the perfect place really. I wish I had one of those things.

I’ve collated some of the pics that I’ve found and posted them below.

Inside gaming also gave us a small shout in their latest video:


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2 Responses to “More Darksiders @ Comic Con 2009”

  1. Glad to hear the show went well! Man, wish I could have made it to SDCC this year.

    On a side, comic related note… Has there been any discussion of the status of the Darksiders comic that Joe Mad was supposed to have been doing for the Darksiders website? Might we see a print version released before or in tandem with the game?

  2. Once we get all major elements done on the game, maybe Joe can return to the online comic. It’s been crazy here trying to finish everything, and as for a print version…I wouldn’t discount anything 🙂

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