Photo’s From E3

Just a quick post including some images taken from E3. Plus a couple of things about E3 itself. 

I spent most of my time on the actual THQ booth at E3, so didn’t really have time to see that much. On an occasion I would walk over to the Microsoft stand, where we also had a presence and see people waiting to play the game..SWEET. While over there, I saw Victoria Beckham and their youngest daughter (presumably) walking around with security people. I missed Stephen Speildberg at the EA stand..shame, the guys a genius.

On the last day, I’m sure I saw Jack Black stood checking out Darksiders with a friend of his. A friend of mine working on the God of War III team came over with some of his buddies to check the game out…they liked what they saw and we chatted for a while.  Also, on the final day Todd Papy (lead designer – GoWIII) came over for a quick run through, unfortunatley he just caught me going through a gun-sequence rather than the main game.

THQ were giving away CLOTH MAPS based on the Darksiders world (you should see an image of it below somewhere). They also have a rotating set of 4 booth babes..nice!

On the final day Joe and I did a live Stage Demo over at Gamespot, which was interesting.  We also had two Best of E3 awards stuck to our demo monitors, which was cool…not sure when they’re announced, but just to nominated is a very good thing indeed.

The buzz all show from people who saw and played DARKSIDERS was incredibly good. We had approx. 10 gaming pods where people could just sit down, chill and play the X360 or the PS3 version of the game. There was always somebody in the pods, from early in the morning, until the convention center shutdown in the evening. It was a great, albeit tiring experience for us all.


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