A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

You know when something you’re working on is good when you can step back and still appreciate it after working on it for so long.

After a late night stint on the game, I was leaving the building, it was around 2am and two of the Darksiders team were stood outside talking; 1 the senior combat designer, the other a senior environment artist. As I approached them, I could see they were very animated and excitedly talking to one another. As I neared, I overheard them talking about the game, and how much they loved it. I joined in and stood there chatting with them for about 20mins. Acting out combat moves and jumping around like idiots.

Now, you must appreciate the situation here, we’d all done over 17hrs on that very game and it’d had been a very long day all round (one of many)…but the love and enthusiasm for it, had kick started their excitement enough for them to not even bother going just yet, instead they chose to talk about where the game is, and where its going to be.

I don’t know, this is a big deal to me. To make a great game, your team needs to want to do it to. No one person makes the game anymore, a handful may drive it, but everyone helps initiate it.

This moment inspired me, and I left for home extremely happy and satisfied with my day at work.


About Haydn Dalton

Creative Lead 30 Years Developing Games

2 Responses to “A Warm Fuzzy Feeling”

  1. It sounds like you are very passionate about Darksiders. All of you seem to be! Game developers that are that passionate about their games are usually the ones that have kick butt titles. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and try it out. I’m sure it will be one heck of a game.


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