Nothing interesting to see here, move on..

I completed Resident Evil 5 yesterday, which I’ve really enjoyed playing. Capcom are great developers of simple games excellently executed. At its heart, the game hasn’t changed much since Resident Evil, but small refinements over the years have taken it to where it is now. I actually preferred RE4 to RE5, as it contained some of the major improvements that made RE5 what it is (over the shoulder camera, simple quicktime events etc.)

RE5’s vehicular chase scenes broke up the game well (especially the one with the chasing motorbikes), plus there’s a level where you explore around on an airboat, which also added a different feel for a short time.

Next up is EA’s Dead Space which looks decent. I’ve been told its short and it takes a little time to get going, but when it does, its good fun.

I just joined Twitter too…not sure why, it’s not like I’m good at updating anything, but I’ll try it out for a while as I can update it from wordpress (which is nice). 


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