Waffling on Sunday Morning

PHEW! I’ve been putting in some major late nights and early mornings on DARKSIDERS, but it’s all been worth it. Recently I was playing the game to check for problems and I just ended up playing the game through a few levels just for fun…got carried away!

To be so close to something and still appreciate it is a very good sign.

I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing people play the game for extended periods. The small videos and glimpses you’ve seen so far don’t do the game justice….the sheer scale and content cannot be summed up so easily that players need a few hours with it to appreciate what we’re doing with it. It’s very easy to see a snippet of the game and label X or Y, only in the playing will all become clear.

We’ve started putting the voices in the game and it’s really added a new dimension to the play experience, as they usually do, but they’re still great hear none-the-less. Some of the actors have pulled off some great work, a particularly good one being the work of a well known voice actor of comicbook characters and silver screen..awesome. The demon trader that’s in the game though, has my favourite voice. He has a character that you can’t help but like, even though you know that he’d eat your soul too if he had the chance…its genius!

I have a couple of friends who are working on God of War III, a title I’m dying to play. I really enjoyed the first 2, they completely nailed ‘epic’ in those two titles, and the third looks to amp it up to whole-nother level. They tell me that ‘we aint seen nothing yet’…that’s what I like to hear, I want it to be fawesome!

Talking of fawesome, I’m currently playing Resident Evil 5, which is visually stunning. Their characters, lighting, camera work and particle effects are some of the best in the industry. Although I’m only a couple of scenes in, I know I’m going to enjoy it, probably not as much as 4, but still more than most games I’ve played all year. After this, it’s Dead Space.  

The last 12 months has gone so quick that E3 & Comicon are already on their way again, they seem to be rolling around so damn quick this time…I need to catch my breathe godamnit. Looking forward to all the new titles that’ll be there and the ones I’m already itching to play.


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