2008, Leaving so soon?


Wow, nearing the end of 2008 already..where did it go again?

For us it has been a year of ideas taking shape and the forming of this big idea of a game we have.

Darksiders is making itself out onto some of the “most anticipated games of 2009” lists being compiled by various gaming magazines and internet sites. We’re pretty honoured that people are starting to think of us in these terms and hope to keep this interest going until release.

One of those 2009 lists was compiled by one of, it not, the biggest magazine in the states; EGM. We managed to get a page write up from these chaps, so I scanned it in and attached to this blog.

There’s going to be a lot of blood, sweat and tears next year to get this game finished, but I’m confident that all this hard work will pay off. We’re at a point currently where new things are going in daily from pretty much all departments, each adding that small pieces of the huge puzzle.

I like to sit with some of the newer people at Vigil to see how they’re settling in and to quiz them if their perception of Darksiders has changed since they’ve began working on it. Every case so far has been good, because their initial expectations have actually been exceeded! Very good to know.

We have some cool things coming up, including a present early in 2009 to prod people that don’t know about us, and to excite those that are already waiting for the game.

EGM January


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