Thanks4giving Us Zombies!

There’s a shock; me not updating this page in sometime!

I really have no idea how some people manage to write huge blogs on such a regular basis. Are they bored? Craving for attention? No lives? I don’t know, but between extended hours at work, spending time with my family and playing games, there’s pretty much no time to do anything else….but I’m trying, I really am.

I completed Gears of War 2, which I found to be fun. It was more of the same, but with a grander feel, setting and pace. The guys at Epic did a great job. I’ve also just started playing LEFT 4 DEAD.

I’m somebody who grew up with George  A. Romero’s zombie movies. Dawn of the Dead was such an awesome movie. I watched it when I was young, you know, when there were no ratings to movies, so I could just walk to the video store at 10-11 years old and rent this thing. I was scared shitless when I saw it, but it became one my all time favourite movies and one that became a cult classic, so, when I heard and saw Left 4 Dead, I was really looking forward to playing it. After spending a few hours with it, I’ve gotta say that I love this game. Yes, it’s not very long, it’s mainly geared towards multiplayer and there are bugs in it, but these guys must love zombie movies too…there’s too many subtle nuances and touches that make this more than something they were paid to do….it’s a game they put a lot of time, effort and love into. The way the blood sprays when bullets hit the creatures, I swear they must’ve watched those zombie hunting scenes from Dawn of the Dead 100’s of times, trying to replicate that effect! There are also influences from 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead and the new Dawn of the Dead remake, plus pretty much most other zombie movie you can think of. It’s just plain fun, with the occasional scare thrown in for good measure. The designers obviously made sure that there were specific things; 1) Good frame rate 2) Decent Ai  3) Lots of zombies 4) Dynamic Shadows…all of these components help to make this a game you should play if you 1) Love zombie movies 2) Just love a good blast fest!

Check out some footage from the game:

On a completely different subject, we get all sorts of different off topic emails sent around at work, and here’s one that I found pretty fun, creative and interesting. It’s an artist who started to create pieces of artwork that inflate with the hot-air created by street floor vents…just check it out, it’s pretty cool:



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