Movie Day

After a few weeks of extended hours, it was time for a break. Friday afternoon Vigil Games organized a film day, hiring out a theatre at the Alamo Drafthouse. Before going into the theatre, nobody knew what we were about to watch…mysterious uh.

On the cinema screen played all the Darksiders documentaries, the CGI intro and other interviews with members of the team as we chatted and sipped drinks! Then, the first movie started, it was MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. As an Englishman, it was almost unforgivable to have not watched this movie. I have seen the Meaning of Life, and loved the Life of Brian, but I had still not seen the Holy Grail. Somehow, Vigil had managed to get hold of an original print of the movie.

Overall I thought it was a great movie, but of all the funny as hell scenes, it was Sir Lancelot’s storming of the castle that had me in tears. Without the buildup, this scene may not seem as funny, but you can watch the actual clip below:

After food and a break, we sat down to watch the second movie of the day, this time, it was Ridley Scott’s new movie: Body of Lies. I’d heard some bad to so-so reviews for this, so I didn’t hold out much hope, even though it was one of my all time favourite directors with a good cast.

I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed the movie. Ridley paced it well and some of shots, visually, were just stunning. Also, to break up some of the more tense moments, there were smatterings of lighter scenes.  

After the movie, everyone broke, talked about their favourite moments and then scattered to the four winds. Some chaps went back to work for their fix of Street Fighter III…the gaming never ends!

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