Awesome Piece of Software: CELTX



The Celtx Logo

The Celtx Logo

I was doing a search for good script writing software and I came upon a forum of writers, all discussing which package was the best to use. Most everyone was talking about Final Draft, Script Writer and using Word with templates, then, huddled in with all these posts was a mention of some new up-and-coming software. The name of that software is CELTX. I wasn’t all that interested, but I clicked the link and went to see what it was all about.

All I can say is..WOW, CELTX is a great piece of software. I don’t really write scripts, I write game designs, but I can see how this thing could certainly help break down everything within a game design or script.

The first thing you need to know is that CELTX is FREE….yep, stone cold free as a bird. If you want, you can make donations to a charity of their choice, but other than that, you can do there now and download it here:

Celtx Software

Celtx Software

Ok, a little bit about the software, and please remember, I’ve only skimmed through what this package can do. First of all, it has the most obvious element to a script writing package; writing, spell checking etc. and as long as you tag everything correctly, you click on one button and it re-formats your entire document into a industry standard script, av script, or stageplay or even a comic book.

When creating and tagging your script, everything is tracked in a MASTER CATALOG. So, as an example, you write the name of a character, you tag it as such, and then you can jump into a description area where you add LOTS of information about that character; height, weight, race, visible markings, motivation etc. etc. plus, if you’ve already set a list of actors for your script, you can select one from a drop down menu…any props you may have added, and you get the idea. Also, you can add concepts and other media within there (audio, video).

Some Screenshots:

There is also a storyboard option, where you can very easily add images, select camera shots and add descriptions, again, this will all be tagged back to the screenplay text.

Once you start to add lots of content and it’s all tagged, you can now start just extracting out all the scenes, which characters are in that scene, props, storyboards and so on. It’s pretty awesome.

You can even add a schedule and a calendar feature.

If you’re a budding script writer, this software is defiantly for you. If you’re into game design, I can definitely see a hell of a lot of uses too.

There’s so much more to CELTX than I’ve posted here, but it has me buzzing..but I’m really strapped for time. Anyways, just download it, test it out…you won’t be disappointed.

Oh yeah, there’s also a wiki page:


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2 Responses to “Awesome Piece of Software: CELTX”

  1. Thanks for sharing the post with us. This is not only interesting but its simply Great!

  2. Yes, it’s a great piece of software. I haven’t checked out the latest version recently, but the way it tracks scenes, items etc. and keeps everything “logged”, ON TOP of how it formats the script itself = UBER.

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