Darksiders: Concept Art

I’ve decided that I should be promoting DARKSIDERS more on this ole blog of mine. So, to kick this sudden self-drive off, I’ve decided to post a collection of Joe’s concepts for the game. There are a few original pencil sketches in here too (before colour is added), so people can see how cool they look even before a lick-a-paint has been added.

Since I was a fan of Joe’s (but don’t tell him that) before I started at Vigil Games, it’s been good to bounce ideas off him and see him enthusiastically sketch something onto the whiteboard in my room; one-offs, maybe never seen again images sporadically created by him…so, in a few cases, I’ve tended to take photos of these sketches too, so maybe I’ll show a few of these (although they are extremely rough), as their energy and style shine through and convey his thoughts instantly.


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