Darksiders at Comic-con 2008

Play that game!

Play that game!

Last week I was lucky enough to get 2 days at comic-con, San Diego. As I’d never been to either places, it was something I was looking forward to.

This year’s comic-con had sold out, for the first time ever so, big numbers were expected. On Friday, it was mentioned that more than 100,000 people would be passing through the halls of the San Diego Conference Centre….not bad at all. I was there Thursday & Friday, and both days had good numbers. The place was bustling with people from all over the country and the world. Some were in costumes which gave the event a geeky quality that I really liked. It was different, I wanted to stand out.

The Public Playing Darksiders

The Public Playing Darksiders

Comic-con felt like old E3 when it was at its peak. Lots of people excited at every turn and glance in all directions, because it was the public..the fans of all the different media that was there, and it showed. People queued for hours just for a couple of signatures off their favourite artist or writer….or for a peek at a new movie, or speak with a director etc. etc. I was cool.

It was also apparent to see, that Games are slowly but surely, expanding their presence there. Konami, Capcom, Namco, Thq, SOE and many others had booths there, showing off their latest wares….best of it all, the PUBLIC was playing the games, not just press or some random marketing or chap, people off the street.

 Darksiders Screens
Darksiders Screens

I spent a lot of time popping by the THQ booth to see how Darksiders was doing, and I was very pleased at the sights. Darksiders had 6 game pods, more than any other THQ game, plus, there was never one empty; when one person left, another gleefully picked up the controller and carried on playing. I stood and spoke with some of players, asking them what they thought about the game, the controls, the concept etc. and it was all extremely positive, even though we’re not shipping until next year!

Joe Mad was at the stand each day signing stuff, and doing the occasional sketch for people…in fact, he’s there again today, representing!

The main reason for my trip to Comic-con, was to be present at a special press & media event on Thursday night, taking place at the JADE THEATRE. Here, around a 100 people were to attend through the night, get a presentation and get very extensive “hands-on” with the game. We had 16 pods setup, and again, they were active right until the end of the night, around 11pm!

All in all, a good trip, and a great chance to see people from the public playing the game.


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