Darksiders 2nd Development Diary

I challenge you..  Sup! 

The 2nd development diary video was posted on IGN and across the net last week. Alongside this, a bunch of new screenshots were released, which feature War’s new armour set and “part” of his cloak.

Development Diary 2

Another diary is due out in a month or so, and there’ll be some interesting new visuals to show the public.

We’ve been working heavily on a specific dungeon of the game, and its coming together nicely. I can’t wait for people to start getting hands on with the game and a few of its different locations. I think when this happens, and you can “experience” the game, I’m sure there will be a shift in opinion about what type of game the public thinks we’re doing.

Last week a very popular gaming magazine visited our offices and the response was good. I got the impression they were a little surprised at the game’s diversity…but I guess we’ll need to check out their article to know for sure.

I spent the briefest of time with Metal Gear Solid 4 last week, but I didn’t even get past the credits with being so busy. I’m hoping to spend a little GT this week with it. As usual, it looks visually great and the production levels are just generally through the roof. MGS3 was my favourite metal gear, with MGS (psx) having some of the most memorable moments in videogames (psycho mantis anyone?).

  Punch you in yo FACE!

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2 Responses to “Darksiders 2nd Development Diary”

  1. wow lol this game looks mad awesome,i cnt wait 4 it to come into stores sooner or later


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